5 Tips on Getting Out of the ‘Talking Stage’

Want to learn how to save yourself from heartache? This can be one of the worst stages in between getting to know somebody and being in a relationship. The ‘talking stage’ is usually when you start to develop feelings for somebody. You probably find yourself texting them all the time and are definitely making plans to hang out. Here are 5 tips on getting out of the ‘talking stage’.


Give them space

Sometimes during this stage, people can become clingy or desperate for his/her attention. If you are always the first to text and are constantly wondering what they are doing, you may want to step back for a little. You may link this with something known as ‘ghosting’, where two people are talking for a while, and all of a sudden somebody ignores or ‘ghosts’ you. A common reason people may ghost is that they feel trapped and may not be ready to commit. Therefore, you should give them some space, so that both of you can do your own thing but still make time for one another.

Communicate about your intentions

If it has been weeks or months and you are unsure where you two stand, it is time to communicate honestly about where to go next. At this point, you may realize you both are on completely different mindsets, and it won’t work out. For instance, if you were looking towards dating this man, but he is looking for a summer fling, you might want to let him go. It is smart to do this step at the very beginning of the talking stage so that you are not wasting time on somebody who isn’t looking for the same thing.

Be aware of any red flags

This stage is the perfect time to really get to know someone. And while you are doing so, keep in mind what YOU are looking for. Make sure that you aren’t seeing any red flags or potential turn offs that will make your future relationship not work. Signs that you see during this stage, will show how one will most likely act when in the relationship. For example, if he is always trying to control you, this can be a red flag, and in which he will probably behave like if you were together.

Give the same energy back

Is he taking 3 hours to reply? So are you. Is he always around his friends? Go take a girl’s night out. Reciprocrate his energy and don’t let anything he does affect you. Is he acting like he doesn’t care anymore, well neither do you. Show him the door. Nevertheless, relationships must work both ways, and if it doesn’t, don’t pursue that relationship. Why waste your time on someone who doesn’t feel the same way? There is most likely a reason for a lack of effort.

Take things slow

If you don’t want this stage to be longer than the dating stage, consider this. Don’t rush it, make sure that this is 100% the man or woman you want to date. There is no reason in feeling stressed. In fact, you should use this time to get to know one another, while still having fun, and focusing on yourself. You don’t have to splur out your feelings and emotions on day one of talking. Take your time, and use your intuition to decide when and how you want to make your next decision.

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