8 Healthy Dinner Ideas

You open your fridge and realize, “Well, what am I suppose to make for dinner?” Whether you want a change and want to spice up your meal plan or just want to try something new… Keep reading to discover healthy yet tasty dinner ideas! BUT before you do: Simply put in your email address andContinue reading “8 Healthy Dinner Ideas”

10 Destinations to Add to Your Travel Bucket List

If you’re anything like me, your dream life would be spending each day as a new adventure. Anywhere from the icy cold Antartica to a dreamy vacation in the Maldives; keep reading if you’re looking for a range of destinations to add to your travel bucket list. Snorkel in the Caribbean I could definitely getContinue reading “10 Destinations to Add to Your Travel Bucket List”

7 Simple Snacks to Boost Weight Loss

Having snacks can curb your hunger and provide you with the extra nutrients you need. It is a great idea to have a list of healthy snack ideas to prepare for when hunger strikes. Therefore, you do not miss out on your health and weight-loss goals. Read more to discover 7 simple snacks to helpContinue reading “7 Simple Snacks to Boost Weight Loss”

How to Glow Up in 1 Week! (REAL RESULTS)

A glow up has to do with the transformation of one for the better. Whether it is physically or mentally, a glow up makes one feel and look AMAZING. Are you interested in finding out how to glow up within a week span? Keep reading. Drink water Have you ever heard of hydrate or diedrate?Continue reading “How to Glow Up in 1 Week! (REAL RESULTS)”

5 Tips on Getting Out of the ‘Talking Stage’

Want to learn how to save yourself from heartache? This can be one of the worst stages in between getting to know somebody and being in a relationship. The ‘talking stage’ is usually when you start to develop feelings for somebody. You probably find yourself texting them all the time and are definitely making plansContinue reading “5 Tips on Getting Out of the ‘Talking Stage’”